Text Box: Should I study Management or not? 
The purpose behind any degree is to enhance your career prospects and job opportunities. The same is the case with an MBA degree. The only difference that sets it apart from others is that an MBA is recognized as the most valuable post graduate degree in the world. With an MBA degree under your belt, you have the whole new world open to you. An MBA qualification presents a successful career and provides you wings to fly in the glory of success.
But before carving a niche in the field of management, there are some pertinent questions need to be analyzed like a frog on a dissecting table with the logic of a lawyer, precision of a surgeon and pragmatics of a scientist.
Do you understand management field?
Does it interest you?
Have you identified the areas you like to work?
Can you explain the reason behind choosing an MBA?
Where do you want to see yourself in future?
Do you know your weakness and strength (academic, personal and professional?)
Are you clear about the personal factor that must be considered in making your decision?
All these answers will help you identify the field you like to work in, area of interest, your goal, your strength and weakness. All these are very important and need to be considered in a balanced way while taking a decision to make a career. The field you like to work creates curiosity, the area of interest gives you satisfaction, your goal motivates you, your strength gives you power and weakness makes you cautious. In addition to it, an MBA requires some basic attributes in his attitude like the curiosity of a cat, the courage of a soldier and the perseverance of a disease.
Apart from all these basic elements, you need to have below mentioned skills that are pretty much required for an MBA. If you do not possess it, this is not the right field for you.
Do you derive pleasure romancing with numbers?
If numbers scare you or create phobia then MBA will not be your destination because mathematics is said to be the language of business. You need to have a sound knowledge of statistics, a regular practice of calculus and familiarity with algebra. But the actual level of mathematical knowledge will vary from program to program. The knowledge of mathematics help students understand the economic and financial theory in a better way Economic concepts provide powerful tools to understand everyday business issues. Statistics makes them enable to understand the market and sensex. These all are correlated and intertwined with each other. You need not be an expert but the basic knowledge of these subjects are important for an MBA.
Do you enjoy playing with words?
Apart from mathematical approaches, the gift of the gab can excel themselves in the management field because the soft areas like communication and interpersonal skills have been gaining currency of late. Communication is the makers of the material reality of our world. Without communication, it is impossible to imagine the highly specialized organizations of today. Communication is sine- qua-non to leave a footmark in the age of globalization. But most importantly a communication must be effective and authentic. An authentic communication demands oneness of content and intent, synchronicity of speech and thought and simultaneous awareness of both sound and silence. Because its gap or silence that makes language meaningful. The content of our communication comes from WHAT we say and the intent comes from WHY we say it. Effective communication has a certain correlation with silence and economy of speech.
Are you Tech-Savvy?
If ‘yes’ then go ahead, you have treasure that awaits you. If you are not tech- savvy then MBA is not for you. In an ongoing effort to adapt to technological change, almost all the business schools have integrated computersinto their Programmes because computer has become the sole of every other technology in the world. You need to have familiar at least with word processing, spreadsheets, databases and internet. The implementation of slideshows, computer research and the involvement of latest gadgets and devices prepare the students for the upcoming challenges of the modern world. Many schools will require you to have your own laptops. The use of the technology is highly encouraged for a better understanding and wider approach of the students. So familiarity with the technology is a must to rise in the horizon of MBA.
Are you a team player?
A good part of management education involves teamwork. If you are not a team player and instead, believe in individualism
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